Evangelical Leaders: Trump is Generation’s Most ‘Faith-Friendly President’

Donald Trump has been called the most “faith-friendly president” in this generation by some of America’s top evangelical leaders. Evangelical leader Paula White – who serves as a member of the advisory board on the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative – described the president as “America’s greatest champion of Christianity and religious freedom in modern history.” He is the most – as many people have said – the most faith-friendly president that they have known in their lifetime,” White told CBN News. “We had over 1,800 faith leaders come through the White House alone. I believe this year we will double or triple that, so he continues to reach out first and foremost in prayer”
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It Begins: Church Sued for Refusing to Host LGBT Event

The core issue – whether LGBT community members can force members of faith organizations to endorse their lifestyle – now is before the U.S. Supreme Court, with a decision expected in the coming weeks. That case centers on a Colorado baker who declined to provide a wedding cake for a homosexual duo at a time when same-sex marriage in his state was illegal. Since the U.S. court’s creation in 2015 of same-sex marriage, LGBT activists have sued Christian businesses, people and non-profits that don’t endorse their lifestyle, even though the high court opinion specifically upheld their right to express their beliefs.
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Swallowing the False Promises of Unexamined Socialism

In the United States, surveys show that many millennials are not merely soft on socialism but openly support it. They think capitalism benefits only the “1 percent” and no one else, despite America’s matchless record of upward mobility and prosperity. Since the 1960s, the media, Hollywood and the education system have presented a warped view of America along with a sugarcoated version of socialism. So, we should not be surprised when we see so many young people fooled by the false promises of redistributive economics.
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Franklin Graham Talks Jesus Christ’s Return, Fulfillment of Prophecy as Jerusalem Embassy Opens

The Rev. Franklin Graham has made note of prophecy surrounding the return of Jesus Christ as Christians and Jews mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Israel and the U.S. embassy’s official opening in Jerusalem. “[Seventy] years ago today, the State of Israel was established. In fulfillment of prophecy, God brought the nation into being, and He is sustaining them for the day when the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will return and establish His throne in Jerusalem as Scripture tells us,” Graham wrote on Facebook Monday. “I believe it is significant that the United States has formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and is moving our embassy there”
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Abortionist Admits She Loves Killing Babies: “This is My Dream”

Merle Hoffman’s life has been dedicated to oppressing the most innocent victims of all – unborn babies. And she described it as a “dream.” Hoffman runs Choices, a large abortion business in Queens, New York City, where viable unborn babies are aborted up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. She makes between $450 and $2,000 for each unborn baby who is aborted, and lives in a lavish, waterfront home. Forbes once nicknamed her the “Millionaire Abortionist.” Sickly, Hoffman told the newspaper that she now is no longer dreaming but living her fantasy. “It’s today. This is dream. My life is meaningful, challenging, stressful, and extremely exciting at times,” she said.
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FBI Director: 1,000 Homegrown Terror Investigations Active, Not Counting ‘Traditional’ ISIS, al-Qaeda Suspects

FBI Director Christopher Wray described “what I would call sort of our highest counterterrorism priority at the moment.” “We have about 1,000 investigations into exactly the kind of people you’re describing, covering all 50 states as I’m sitting here right now. And that’s not even counting, you know, the al-Qaeda investigations, the traditional ISIS investigations, the domestic terrorism investigations, but just the group you’re talking about,” he said. “And what makes it so hard is that there are not many dots to connect with some of these people. They pick soft targets, they use easy to use weapons, you know, IEDs, cars, knives, guns. And they can make decisions on the spur of the moment.
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The Hate Agenda of the Left is Backfiring

Last week, the New York Times published an opinion piece by Gerard Alexander, an associate professor of politics at the University of Virginia, titled, “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think.” The piece is an intriguing analysis of how liberals are hurting their own cause by presuming their mental and moral superiority, and thus, are inviting significant backlash against their favored agenda. The prime example is how liberals use their virtual monopoly in the media and the entertainment industry to ruthlessly bash Trump. They’re very protective of this monopoly as their goal is ideological segregation. Any signs of diversity of thought are met with disgust and hatred.
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