Muslim Madness: Islamic Activist Who Beat Policeman at Tommy Robinson Rally Spared Prison (Robinson Still Locked Up for Non-Violent “Crime”)

A Muslim activist who beat a police officer while protesting a Tommy Robinson rally has walked free from court. Sergeant Rooney had told the court how the attack had left his face so badly damaged that his children would not walk to school with him, and claimed he had been left with post-traumatic stress. The judge handed down a six-month sentence, but suspended it so Mohammed was able to walk free without actually having to serve any time in prison, unless he reoffends. Robinson, meanwhile, is currently serving two terms totalling 13 months — which, unusually, are to be served consecutively rather than concurrently — for non-violent contempt of court convictions, imposed for reporting on grooming gang trials in Canterbury and Leeds.
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Painting the Town: New Jersey Municipality Celebrates Pride Month with Permanent Rainbow Crosswalks

The nation isn’t even halfway through Pride Month which seems to coincide with the virtue signaling Olympics. Towns and cities across the country appear to be in a running competition to outdo each other on who could be the most “woke” by making very special gestures to a small but very noisy minority of the population. It was during last year’s Pride Month that “Big Gay” was promoting a petition to compel cities to permanently honor them with the crosswalks and it looks like a lot of progress has been made toward that objective with the rainbow colors adorning streets in multiple cities across the fruited plain. And of course, anyone who takes exception with any of this will be demonized as a Nazi bigot.
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A Patriot Takes Action when a Pride Flag Replaces Military Flags at VA Hospital

A LGBTQ pride flag replaced five flags representing the branches of the United States military to celebrate “Gay Pride” month at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Indiana earlier this week. Some residents and veterans weren’t happy seeing the pride flag up and particularly all the military flags taken down. “The Army is the Army, the Navy is the Navy … the gay flag isn’t supposed to be there,” said veteran Robert Pio. The slighting of the U.S. military was apparently too much for one observer, who lowered the flag and then drove off with it, after which officials at Fort Wayne’s VA Hospital got the message and decided to put the military flags back up. As for the individual who swiped the pride flag, Pio told WPTA: “he’s right … I’d have done the same thing.”
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Persecution Alert: Spain Fines Christian Television Station 6,000 Euro for ‘Homophobic Content’

The media group has its headquarters in the UK, defines itself as a Christian ministry, and broadcasts in Spain through satellite since 2012. The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC, in Spanish) has fined the Revelation TV 6,000 Euro. The fine comes after an individual complained to the state agency about one of the programs in September 2017. Comments on one of Revelation TV’s shows that day “could be considered as threatening to the dignity of the homosexual and transgender group, although there was no manifest incitation to hate against these groups by the channel that owns the program,” the official CNMC statement says.
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Controversial Video Features TV Host Talking to Children About ‘Gay Pride’: ‘It’s the Celebration of Sexual Diversity’

A video recorded for “Pride Month” is raising concern as it features a Canadian television host talking to young children about “gay pride” and explaining to the boys and girls that she herself questioned her sexuality as a child in liking a female actress, who she watched nude in a film “several times.” The video, which has been viewed over two million times features MTV, CTV and CW host Jessi Cruickshank. “Happy pride everybody!” she exclaims to the children, waving a rainbow flag. “Who here knows what gay pride means?” “It means where all the gay people, lesbian, transgender, bisexual people gather up and celebrate,” one little girl responds. “That’s absolutely right. It’s a celebration of sexual diversity,” Cruickshank states, the room decorated with balloons that include rainbows and kid-friendly smileys. She then tells the children that while she is not homosexual herself, she considers herself an ally. “Are you gay allies?” Cruickshank asks. “Definitely,” one girl replies, and the others also answer in the affirmative.
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BREAKING: Canada’s top court rules against Christian law school: LGBT rights trump religious freedom

In an unprecedented blow against religious freedom in Canada, the court ruled that it was “proportionate and reasonable” for the law societies of British Columbia and Ontario to refuse accreditation to future Trinity Western University students because the proposed Christian law school’s “community covenant” would discriminate against LGBTQ people. The ruling means that future grads from Trinity Western University’s law school — if the school, in fact, opens — will not be able to practice law in Ontario and B.C. TWU, a private Christian college associated with the Evangelical Free Church, requires students to sign a commitment to refrain from any sexual activity “that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.” Read more:

Facebook, Amazon Empower Extremist SPLC to Attack Conservatives

A group of tech giants in Silicon Valley are working with and consulting with the Southern Poverty Law Center in policing their various platforms. The SPLC claims to fight hate and bigotry and to seek justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. By that they don’t mean just anyone who is oppressed but only the liberal-approved minority grievance groups whose cause supports. The U.S. media treats the SPLC like it is handing down gospel truth. Journalists are supposedly taught to have two or more sources for its stories, but when it comes to the SPLC, the media takes the group’s word without any attempt to double check its proclamations. Read more: