What Erdogan’s ‘Election’ Will Mean for Turkey — and the World

The re-election of Turkey’s President Erdogan has dire implications, both domestic and foreign. To engineer his victory, Erdogan severely limited free expression and the right of assembly, thus restricting the freedom of his rivals to campaign against him. Erdogan has closed nearly 180 media outlets and imprisoned in excess of 150 journalists. Currently, nearly all the print and online press along with radio and TV outlets are controlled directly or indirectly by his cronies. As such, he successfully deprived his competitors of press coverage during the campaign. He is silencing his rivals: presidential candidate and Kurdish Party leader Selahattin Demirtas has been imprisoned on politically motivated charges. The more than 3 million government employees and other institutions that depend partly or wholly on government support were warned that they would lose everything if they didn’t vote for Erdogan — and get their relatives to do the same. Having reached the pinnacle of power with effectively no constraints, Erdogan will undoubtedly pursue his nationalist themes and his Islamic agenda with even more vigor. He will also further aggressively pursue his drive to play a substantial economic, social, and political role in many countries in the Middle East and the Balkans.
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Is America Finally Ending Funding for Palestinian Terrorism?

International criticism is growing of the Palestinian Authority (PA) textbooks used to teach Palestinian school children in the West Bank and Gaza. According to two recent studies, the PA curriculum incites hatred and violence against Jews and Israel, and fails to follow UNESCO standards of teaching peace and tolerance, and respect for the other. The studies have prompted the EU to pass legislation that restricts funds to schools whose lessons do not comply with UNESCO standards, and led the UK to state it was “very concerned” and would study the matter further. At the same time, the US has now withheld $65 million in payments to UNRWA, citing the need for unspecified reforms. The curriculum for 2017-2018 has ramped up its radicalism, and revives pan-Islamic and anti-Western indoctrination, including Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood themes. An IMPACT-se report claims that the PA curriculum places increased emphasis on the importance of war and jihad, and features “a dramatic rise in the presentation of the return of Palestinians into Israel proper.” Read more:

US Lawmakers Meet with Turkey’s President in Attempt to Secure Release of Pastor Brunson

US Lawmakers Meet with Turkey’s President in Attempt to Secure Release of Pastor Brunson – Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican, and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat, met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to secure the release of U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson, who has been in jail since October 2016 on false charges of espionage and terrorism and is being used by Turkey’s government for bargaining. Pastor Brunson is “doing fine physically,” and “is not guilty” of anything, Graham says in a video he posted on Twitter Saturday. “We are working very hard to get him home.” Graham called his meeting with President Erdoğan “good, respectful, and candid.” “We have real differences, but far more in common,” he wrote. “Turkey needs to be a strategic partner for the U.S. in a win-win fashion. We spoke candidly about Pastor Brunson and other friction points, including the purchase of Russian made S-400s and American made F-35s. However, when it comes to the U.S.-Turkey relationship, failure is not an option.” Shaheen also tweeted about the meeting. “… President Erdogan was receptive to my and @LindseyGrahamSC’s concerns,” she wrote after the meeting. In a related development, the US Senate May Block Turkey’s Purchase of Military Planes Until Imprisoned American Pastor Is Released.
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Federal Government Resources Used to Promote LGBT Pride Month

Federal Government Resources Used to Promote LGBT Pride – LGBT Pride Month events took place across numerous federal agencies, including National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Veterans Administration (VA), the Library of Congress (LOC) and, the National Park Service (NPS). The VA put on a drag show, which traditionally is a parade of men dressing in women’s clothing and make-up. “Welcome to the gayest show on Earth,” the MC said to open the show in the National Public Radio (NPR) report. “But first, I just have to say the VA is here for its queers,” the MC said. The CIA celebration was extensive and overseen in Washington, DC, by its new director, Gina Haspel, according to its website: During our keynote event held at CIA Headquarters the first week of June, Director Haspel introduced Major General (MG) Tammy Smith, the highest ranking and first openly gay general in US history. This event is one of several CIA activities celebrating Pride Month, including participation in the Capital DC Pride Festival and the 7th annual IC Pride Summit, of which CIA was a founder. — The Library of Congress featured discussions with authors who wrote books about homosexual romance. “The library’s month-long celebration demonstrates how lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans have strengthened our country, by using their talent and creativity to help create awareness and goodwill,” the LOC website states. — NASA joined the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade in June and also had a booth. The National Park Service has a striking photograph on its website of NPS employees — federal employees — marching with rainbow flags and celebrating the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City. This year NPS, according to a blog on its website, is already looking forward to next year’s Pride Month.
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Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Protect Kids from Transgender Mafia at School

In a recent court decision, an Ohio juvenile court judge awarded custody of a gender-confused minor to the grandparents so he could defy his parents’ wishes and get hormone therapy. The decision alarmed lawmakers and parents in the state so much that new legislation is being considered to stop it from happening again. Ohio House Bill 658 ensures that parents have the final say on how to treat their children who are experiencing gender confusion and makes it illegal for anyone else to do so (like teachers or school therapists) without parental consent. The law also would make it illegal for a judge to remove a minor from his parents’ custody for refusing to treat gender dysphoria with irreversible, dangerous drugs that can cause sterility and disrupt natural development. Further, the law would require any adult with authority over a child to inform the parents if the child is considering gender “therapy.”
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Disappointing Capitulation: Christian Charity Agrees to Work with LGBT Couples to Resume Foster Care Work in Philly

Bethany Christian Services in Philadelphia has confirmed that it changed its policies to allow staff to work with same-sex couples interested in fostering children. The move comes after the city stopped placing foster children with Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services because the organizations prohibited the placement of children with same-sex couples. After capitulating, Bethany Christian Services issued a fawning statement: “We appreciate the city’s decision to allow Bethany Christian Services to continue to serve foster youth throughout the Philadelphia community.” The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Bethany Christian Services has partnered with the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs to train staff on “cultural competency for serving individuals and same sex couples who are LGBTQ.” Meanwhile, Catholic Social Services continues its legal battle with the city over the matter. The organization has strongly stated that it will not change its policies and argues that city is violating the organization’s First Amendment right to act in accordance with Catholic teachings on marriage. The city has not only threatened to stop placing foster children with Catholic Social Services but warned that it would terminate its relationship with the agency altogether. In doing so, it would force the agency to “begin the process of shutting down.”
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The Myth of Obama’s ‘Disappearance’

Obama is doing far more to shape the political landscape than is visible. In fact, for an ex-prez, he’s taking an unusually active role in politics, including helping radical protest groups fight Trump and his policies and devising a scheme to flip the GOP majority in the House and permanently turn red seats blue. From his sprawling DC office not far from the White House, where he oversees a full-time staff of 20, Obama has held regular meetings with Democratic lawmakers, as well as DNC chief Tom Perez, whom he personally helped install to run the Democratic Party. Obama has also met with his attorney general, Eric Holder, to craft a strategy to redraw congressional district maps in Democrats’ favor, according to Politico. Holder now runs the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which Obama helped his old friend launch.
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