Palestinians in Gaza Threaten Israel, ahead of ‘Nakba Day’ Riots Hamas Hopes Will Draw 100,000 to Border

Ahead of “Nakba Day” – the “Great Catastrophe” of the establishment of the State of Israel – Palestinians in the Gaza Strip published a video on Sunday calling on Jews to leave Israel by midnight. “This is the last caution, you have been warned.” The narrator threatened, “Your entity’s army can’t protect you. Your men will be collected by the war crimes court in The Hague. Your women and children will be put in refugee camps under UN control. Your money and property will be confiscated to compensate the refugees and the immigrants.” Tuesday’s violence threatens to dwarf Monday’s Arab riots at the border which left dozens dead and over 1,600 wounded.
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A Knock on the Door in the Night

By Timothy J. Dailey
Nighttime was especially dangerous on the West Bank – we always tried to get back home to Bethlehem in our little VW Beetle before dark. As foreigners living among the Arabs, we felt vulnerable, although our neighbors were friendly and supportive. But they could do little to help us if anyone wanted to visit harm upon us.
Even if we had a telephone (which we didn’t) there were no police to call for help. When the first “Intifada” (Arab uprising) erupted, everything changed. The shadowy radicals who controlled things behind the scenes demanded that the police in Beit Jala, where we lived next to Bethlehem abandon their posts. Anyone who had any connection with the hated Israelis was in mortal danger. Almost all the police immediately resigned: one or two who did not were summarily killed. The same happened with anyone who expressed support for the “peace process;” they were branded “collaborators” with Israel. several in our area were dragged from their homes in the night and slaughtered.
The Arabs that we befriended, frequented their shops, and were welcomed into their homes to engage in the time-honored tradition of drinking tea together, were honorable people who wanted only to get on with their lives. But they dared not speak a word against the extremists: to do so was a veritable death sentence. Truth be told, most of us would do the same.
The irony is that many Arabs prospered when the West Bank was under Israeli control. Palestine was a neglected backwater under Jordan, which ruled the West Bank between 1948 and 1967, contributing little to its economy. But under the Israelis the Arabs had plenty of work. Being expert stone masons, and with limestone being the common building material in the area, they built the new Israeli towns and cities, using their earnings to construct their own large, handsome villas throughout the West Bank.
Many of our Arab neighbors had jobs in Israel or worked for Israeli companies. Conversely, Israelis shopped in the Arab markets throughout the West Bank. Virtually all those jobs and commerce disappeared after the Intifada, when having anything to do with Israelis was, again, the equivalent of a death sentence.
All of which gives the lie to the endlessly-repeated fiction that the Palestinians are suffering because of Israeli oppression. Another factor is the inherent corruption and diversion of financial aid and building materials, e.g., for the construction of tunnels used for attacks upon Israel. If they had chosen coexistence instead of perpetual war, there is every reason to believe that the Palestinians would be immeasurably better off today. And once again, this is the unspoken wish of the clear majority of Palestinians, who tragically will not dare to speak a word in defense of peaceful coexistence.
One thing was certain: a knock on the door late at night could not be good news. Thus, when I heard the insistent pounding, I shooed my wife away to the back bedroom where our two young children lay asleep, and approached the door, feeling utterly helpless. Our two kindly old Arab landlords who lived above us could scarcely be of any help, nor could any of our neighbors, however much they would have wanted to be of assistance.
But it was not Muslim radicals massed outside: it was a squad of Israeli soldiers. To my surprise, they politely asked – in excellent English – if they could step inside. Not having much choice, I uneasily opened the door for them.
What transpired was frankly unexpected. The soldiers did not rampage through our flat looking for any terrorists that we might be hiding. They merely asked me if I had seen any of the young extremists who had been causing trouble in the area, smashing rocks and bricks through the windshields of Israeli vehicles driving down the road, causing injury and sometimes death. We lived close to three refugee camps, which were hotbeds of radicalism. I explained to them that our narrow street was populated with Christian Arabs, who were peaceful, and that the young men they sought likely came from one of the nearby camps.
The Israeli soldiers excused themselves, confirming what I by then had observed living under Israeli “occupation.” With few exceptions, Israeli soldiers conducted themselves with considerable restraint and according to a strict protocol, which governed a gradual escalation in response to varying levels of violence.
Normally, the Israeli soldiers would stand down in the face of peaceful protests, focusing on containing the protestors. If and when the protests turned violent (as they often did), the next escalation would be the use of tear gas, which although debilitating, rarely caused serious injury. If the “protests” – which were now destructive riots – were in danger of seriously threatening Israelis or anyone in their path, rubber bullets would be used to drive them back.
It was only as a very last resort, when all other means of containing the situation failed and it was a case of “do or die,” that live ammunition would be used. This is what occurred in Monday’s riots, when tens of thousands of Arabs stormed the border fence. If they would have gotten through, anyone in their path would have been viciously attacked, including women and children.
Tuesday will be worse. It is the “holiest” day for radical Palestinians: “Nakba Day” (Arabic: النكبة‎, al-Nakbah, literally “catastrophe” which occurred when the Arabs lost the 1948 war against Israel. The Gaza terrorist organization Hamas expects that the border with Israel will be overwhelmed with over 100,000 rioters. A Palestinian video warned Jews to leave Israel by midnight: ““This is the last caution, you have been warned.” The narrator threatened, “Your entity’s army can’t protect you. Your men will be collected by the war crimes court in The Hague. Your women and children will be put in refugee camps under UN control. Your money and property will be confiscated to compensate the refugees and the immigrants.”
On Tuesday many more are likely to suffer and die in the melee. If the rioters manage to break through and surge towards nearby Israeli communities, they must be stopped. And all the while the international community will be calling upon Israel to “show restraint.”
I fear that a fuse has been lit after the United States – honoring a public law enacted by Congress which every administration since 1995 has ignored – declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. Extremist Palestinians will never accept this, and thus a return to the “status quo” is now impossible.
One enigmatic factor will presumably soon be revealed: the long-awaited United States “Peace Plan,” the details of which are a closely-guarded secret. How such a peace treaty could address intractable issues such as the status of Jerusalem – which both sides of the conflict claim as non-negotiable – remains unclear. The Temple Mount, in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, is the most sacred land in all of Israel. It also happens to be the site of two of the most holy edifices for Muslims.
Perhaps most troubling of all is the biblical prophecy of a coming peace treaty spoken of in Daniel chapter 9, concerning which one commentator writes: “The signs of the times indicate that we are on the threshold of the Tribulation — a time of unparalleled carnage that will befall the earth. The earth will plunge into a period of time that the Bible describes will be the most horrific in all of human history.” Still, we are commanded to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Let us therefore hope that cooler heads will prevail and that some solution will be found to diffuse the present morass.

Oklahoma Passes Law Protecting Christian Adoption Agencies from Discrimination

In many states, Christian adoption agencies suffer discrimination for insisting on placing children in homes with a mother and a father. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill Friday that will protect private adoption agencies from coercion, discrimination, or punishment as they help orphans find homes with a mom and a dad. Bill 1140 provides legal protections to faith-based agencies that will not place children in homes with same-sex couples because of religious or moral convictions. While opposed by the LGBT lobby, many are touting the law as a victory for true diversity and religious freedom, as it offers options to Christian families that had been denied to them previously.
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Mike Pence Praises Bible-Reading, Church-Going Christians for ‘New American Awakening’

“The percentage of Americans who live out their religion on a weekly basis – by praying, going to church, and reading and believing in the Bible – has remained remarkably consistent over the decades, even as the population of the United States has grown by leaps and bounds,” he wrote. “We live in a time when traditional values, even religious conviction, are increasingly marginalized by a secular popular culture – a time when it’s become acceptable, even fashionable, to malign religious belief. I still believe with all my heart that FAITH in America is rising,” he continued. “Religion in America isn’t receding – just the opposite. Faith is gaining new life with every passing day”
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Saying goodbye to equivocation: The Mormon Exit from the Boy Scouts

In recent years “progressive” forces have been attacking God-ordained distinctions between males and female, the basis of marriage and family – and indeed necessary for the basic functioning of society. It’s not for nothing that we’ve been told, over and over, that male-female differences are irrelevant, and reality is entirely subjective. But resistance to the cultural insanity is growing. One recent example is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which announced a parting of the ways with what used to be the Boy Scouts of America before it evolved into the Geldings of America, with its homosexual leaders, transgender members, real girls and a name change to rid itself of the dreaded word “Boy.”
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How Leftist Groups are Policing You Right Now

Whether you want to donate cash to charity, listen to music on Spotify, watch YouTube videos, or any number of previously innocuous activities, chances are that the content you’re consuming and the choices you are being allowed to make have passed through a leftist filter. For example, Spotify enlists: “… rights advocacy groups, including The Southern Poverty Law Center, The Anti-Defamation League, Color Of Change, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), GLAAD, Muslim Advocates, and the International Network Against Cyber Hate.” These “bastions of impartiality” will now be the watchdogs of what you can listen to. Each of them has a bias and a particular mission to which they are beholden, and their power is only growing.
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The Coming Storm in Israel: A Confluence of Major Events, within the Country and Beyond, Threatens Serious Violence in the Days Ahead

One former Israeli intelligence chief has already called this month “the most dangerous May since 1967,” alluding to the anxious eve of the June 1967 war. At its height, the demonstrations drew 40,000 people on a single day between five different locations up and down the coastal territory. Ahead of next week, Hamas leaders are vowing to unleash “the mother of all marches”; some Israeli officials now worry about 100,000 protestors, and perhaps more, coming out. There is no effective Israeli military response to such a development. “Imagine if 13,000 [protestors] break through [at one location], with a total loss of control,” a senior Israeli officer responsible for Gaza warned, “There would be a major loss of life. … We would be on the verge of war.”
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When Conservatives Throw in the Towel on Transgenderism

We live in the era of You Will Be Made To Care. It’s not enough for activists on the left if you simply shrug your shoulders and say that transgender individuals can dress or speak however they wish. It must be forced on everyone else. You must accept “women with penises” into female restrooms, locker rooms and showers. You must address them by or refer to them with the pronouns of their choice or face legal consequences. Live and let live is not a viable strategy in social justice warrior circles. I have to take the side of David French over J. J. McCullough on this one. Science trumps fantasy here and the rights of the many are not subject to the unhinged demands of the few.
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