The US Government Is Updating its Nuclear Disaster Plans and They are Truly Terrifying

“We are looking at 100 kiloton to 1,000 kiloton detonations,” said Luis Garcia, chief of FEMA’s chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear branch.  The agency’s current “nuclear detonation” guidance for emergency planners, first released in 2010, had looked at 1 to 10 kiloton blasts — smaller than the 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs that killed more than 200,000 people. Those smaller size detonations had seemed more reasonable after 9/11, with high concerns about an improvised terrorist bomb.  But last year North Korea tested an apparent thermonuclear bomb with a surprisingly large estimated blast size of 250 kilotons, a “city buster” much bigger than past test blasts and nearly the size of current US intercontinental ballistic missile warheads. The test blast kicked off a new era of nuclear anxiety in the US.

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Trump Nominates Lesbian Judge Tied to LGBT Groups for Federal Bench

Pro-family advocates have considered Donald Trump’s judicial nominees to be one of the highest points of his presidency, but his latest pick of Judge Mary Rowland is a notable exception.  Rowland, a federal magistrate judge in Illinois, is Trump’s latest nominee.  She stands out among the rest of the president’s selections for being an open lesbian who is “married” to a woman and has two adult children.  Pro-abortion Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-IL, specifically highlighted her membership in the Lesbian & Gay Bar Association of Chicago and pro bono work for the Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, a left-wing group that called Justice Neil Gorsuch “dangerous” for defending Hobby Lobby’s conscience rights and has sued to attempt to force Catholic Charities to place children in lesbian foster homes.

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The Debasing of Sex: Gay Masturbation, Oral Sex Part of ‘Pornographic’ Sex-ed Exam for Ontario Teens

– the specifics of which are too lurid to quote here.  Sexually-explicit scenarios of underage sex, including a homosexual encounter between two teenage boys, were part of an assignment foisted on Grade 9 students.  It’s a nightmare come true for many Ontario, Canada parents, says Jack Fonseca, a senior political analyst with Campaign Life Coalition.  In one of four scenarios presented to 14-year-old boys and girls as part of a health class final exam, a 17-year-old boy who (engages in explicit sexual activity) with another 15-year-old boy (deleted) in a car and they then talk about (deleted). The assignment then asks students to explain the “support” they would give the younger teenaged boy if he decided to “come out to his family and friends that he is gay.”

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Leftists celebrate anti-Trump Time magazine cover that suggests Trump drowning

It’s no secret that Time magazine doesn’t like President Trump.  So it’s not really surprising to see the magazine publish a cover attacking the latest developments in the cases against Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.  While the latest cover sparked cheers from the Trump-haters, others saw it as something dark and sinister.  “The liberal media views any art that shows President Trump as suffering or dying as clever and trendy,” Jim Hoft wrote at the Gateway Pundit.  “Time,” Twitchy noted, “has an affinity for anti-Trump covers, even if they have to wander deep into ‘fake news’ territory to do so…”  Read more:

National Security Advisor Bolton Confirms That the U.S. Will Defund UN Human Rights Office

Israel has long been disproportionately targeted for HRC censure – the subject of more condemnatory resolutions over the years than those directed at the U.N.’s other 192 member-states, combined. It is also the only country situation to be a permanent item on the HRC’s formal agenda.   Israel’s public security and strategic affairs minister Gilad Erdan tweeted, “Those who agree that the U.N. should focus on exposing the world’s worst human rights violators, rather than on obsessively attacking the MidEast’s one true democracy, will applaud [Trump] and [Bolton’s] decision to defund [OHCHR and HRC]. Those who disagree, well …”

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Battlefield America: The Ongoing War on the American People

Police in a small Georgia town tasered a 5-foot-2, 87-year-old woman; Police in California are being sued for using excessive force against a deaf 76-year-old woman;  In Alabama, police first tasered then shot and killed an unarmed man…  These are not isolated incidents.  This is what a state of undeclared martial law looks like, when you can be arrested, tasered, shot, brutalized and in some cases killed merely for not complying with a government agent’s order or not complying fast enough.  This isn’t just happening in crime-ridden inner cities.  It’s happening all across the country.  America has been locked down.  This is what it’s like to be a citizen of the American police state.

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Florida Candidate Says Alien Abduction Doesn’t Define Her

U.S. House candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is perhaps best known for claiming that she was abducted by space aliens as a child.  Rodriguez Aguilera is a longshot in the race for the Miami-area seat being vacated by retiring Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Yet last weekend, the Miami Herald endorsed her for the GOP nomination in the Tuesday primary out of a field of nine candidates.  Rodriguez Aguilera says she was taken aboard a spaceship as a young girl by blond extraterrestrials who resembled the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. She says they told her that the “center of the world’s energy is Africa” and that thousands of non-human skulls were once discovered in a cave on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

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