Gillette Ad Pushes Trans Agenda with Girl who Thinks She’s Male Shaving Her Face

A new TV ad for Gillette features an older man showing a very masculine-looking youth, who hints at being a female, how to shave her face.  Speaking in a slightly gravelly, classically male voice, the African-Canadian protagonist says, “Growing up, I was always trying to figure out what kind of man I wanted to become, and I’m still trying to figure out what kind of man that I want to become.”  “I always knew I was different; I didn’t know there was a term for the type of person that I was,” the hero continues.  “I went into my transition just wanting to be happy. I’m glad I’m at the point where I’m able to shave.”  Read more:

Biological Male Wins NCAA Women’s Track Championship

A biological male who identifies as a transgender woman won an NCAA national championship over Memorial Day weekend.  Franklin Pierce University runner CeCe Telfer won the Division II women’s 400-meter hurdles on Saturday night, besting the second-place finisher by more than a second.  “Telfer is the first student-athlete in Franklin Pierce history to collect an individual national title,” the university announced.  “It was tough conditions out here with the wind and the heat over the last three days but, as she has over the last six months, CeCe proved herself to be tough enough to handle it,” FPU coach Zach Emerson said in a press release.  Read more:

More than 1,000 Fires Devastate Israel in under Two Days

More than 1,000 fires — many of which were sparked by IEDs sent over the Gaza border and fueled by extreme weather — devastated towns and forests and farmlands over less than two days, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes.  On Saturday night, the Israel Fire and Rescue Services on Saturday declared the end of a widespread campaign to extinguish the blazes which burned down 7,940 dunams (1,962 acres) of forests. One thousand firefighters were called up.  Authorities have listed arson and incendiary devices from Gaza, faulty power lines, scorching temperatures climbing to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) and Lag B’Omer holiday bonfires as possible causes of the fires.  Read more:

Franklin Graham Calls for National Day of Prayer for President Trump on June 2

“President Trump’s enemies continue to try everything to destroy him, his family, and the presidency. In the history of our country, no president has been attacked as he has. I believe the only hope for him, and this nation, is God,” Graham said in a prepared statement.  More than 250 leaders have already signed Graham’s call to prayer including Rev. Robert Jeffress, Rev. Johnny Hunt, Rev. Jack Graham and Dr. David Jeremiah.  Christian leaders like Dr. James Dobson, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon, former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. also signed the call to prayer.  Read more:

Chick-fil-A Stands up to Furor over Donations: ‘We Have a Higher Calling’

A top executive at popular fast-food restaurant Chick-fil-A responded to the recent wave of bans from airports and college campuses and renewed calls for a boycotts because of its charitable foundation’s donations to faith-based groups.  In an interview with Business Insider, Rodney Bullard, executive director for the Chick-fil-A Foundation, said their mission of helping the community outweighs the outrage of pro-LGBT groups over contributions to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army. Chick-fil-A gave $1,653,416 to the fellowship and $150,000 to the Salvation Army in 2017, according to tax filings released earlier this year.  Read more:

Democrats Nix ‘So Help Me God’ from Swearing-in Oath

Since taking control of the House, Democrat leaders of several key committees have nixed the phrase “so help me God” from a swearing-in oath for individuals testifying before them.  “I think God belongs in religious institutions: in temple, in church, in cathedral, in mosque — but not in Congress,” said Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee. What Republicans are doing, he continued, “is using God.”  “And God doesn’t want to be used,” he said.  Rev. Franklin Graham has blasted the move as backward.  “We need more of God, not less! What @RepCohen is suggesting is what Communism did in Eastern Europe & is still doing in places around the world like Cuba.”  Read more:

Socialists ganging up with Islamists To Bring Down America

Crickets followed radio talk show host Glenn Beck’s announcement on his radio show yesterday that “Faiz Shakir is Bernie Sanders’ new campaign manager.  Socialists and Islamists are working together for the destruction of the Free Market in the West and Israel,” Beck said.  Both the Democrat Party and the media continue the wild goose chase to prove the Russians-stole-the-election-from-Hillary-Clinton conspiracy while completely ignoring that the Socialists have ganged up with the Islamists to bring down the country that pays their freight.  Read more: