Parents ID’d as Problem in School LGBT Promotions

They’re the opposition. They’re the “problem.”  The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kisa noted that Parliament approved new draft regulations for the nation’s “Relationships and Sex Education” schooling requirements.  They will “promote LGBT lifestyles to children as young as five.”  “Perhaps never before in this nation’s history have the dividing lines run so deep in relation to education. There appears to be a complete disconnect between government, including those in charge of education, and everyday parents,” Kiska wrote.  In Croydon, issues have arisen at three schools already. In one instance, young children were forced “to participate in a gay pride event.”  Read more:

The Chilling Evidence that Jordan Peterson Was Right: Transgender Ideology is ‘Totalitarian’

A so-called “human rights tribunal” in Canada has just ruled that a Christian activist must pay $55,000 to a provincial politician because he referred to this politician as a “biological male” in a political pamphlet. The politician in question is a biological male who has since “transitioned,” and is living his life as a “transgender woman.” According to the decision, Bill Whatcott must compensate Oger for injuring the latter’s “dignity, feelings and self-respect.”  The terrifying precedent set by this case can be illustrated by one, flabbergasting fact: The judge in the case refused to allow Whatcott’s lawyer to offer testimony showing that, in point of fact, Oger is a biological male.  Read more:

God Help Us: Atheism Becomes Largest Religion In U.S.

For the first time in history, atheists constitute the largest religious group in America. According to the General Social Survey, the number of Americans who have no religion has increased 266% over the past three decades and now account for 23.1% of the population, just barely edging out Catholics and Evangelicals as the nation’s dominant faith. Mainline Protestant churches have suffered the greatest collapse, declining 62.5% since 1982 and now comprising just 10.8% of the U.S. population.  As religiosity has declined, social ills have abounded. Nearly one in five American adults suffers from anxiety disorders, which now constitute the most common mental illness in the country.  Read more:

‘It Got Real Gay Real quick’: Pete Buttigieg’s Rise Electrifies the Gay Community

Buttigieg’s emergence gives Americans their second openly gay presidential candidate — activist Fred Karger sought the GOP nomination in 2012 — but the first to earn so much attention.  Many gay Americans are celebrating Buttigieg’s quick climb as a sign of tangible progress.  Others wonder whether talking about Buttigieg’s candidacy as historic means undermining the notion that sexuality doesn’t matter.  Buttigieg’s is electrifying many gay voters, symbolizing an acceptance its members could hardly imagine even a decade ago.  His campaign raised $7 million in the first quarter of 2019, signaling unexpected support and potential staying power in the sprawling Democratic field.  Read more:

Persecution Alert: Mailing Bibles and Religious Literature Banned in China

The Chinese government threatens mail couriers with hefty fines for circulation of any religious materials, as the goal is to eradicate them completely.  If religious books are found en-route, the courier will be fined 4,000 to 5,000 RMB (about $600 to $750), and the courier company will incur a fine of 10,000 to 20,000 RMB (about $1,500 to $3,000).  He also revealed that all courier firms have begun to register mailed items in order to be able to track down the source.  The company’s management has posted a proclamation promoting the “elimination of pornography and illegal publications.” The poster reads: “Do not receive or mail illegal publications from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. Content related to xie jiao, reactionism or separatism must be censored.  Read more:

Second Child Sex Offender Unmasked at Drag Queen Story Time

A drag performer with many aliases has sexually assaulted children and publicly recounted his history as a transgender dominatrix and prostitute for hire. His name has been redacted here because he was allegedly convicted for sexual assault against children at age 16, so his record has been sealed.  “Once we affirmed the identity we ran background checks and found the record.” said Tracy Shannon of MassResistance.  She excoriated the Houston Public Library system for allowing child sex offenders to greet children.  Instagram posts allegedly show this man posing with other Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, guiding children “past hate groups to Drag Queen Story Time.”  Read more:

Ex-transgender Walt Heyer: ‘We are ruining an entire generation of young people’

A man who underwent a sex change and now regrets it is urging people to resist transgender medicine and related therapies, saying we are medically “manufacturing” children as transgender and abusing them.  Walt Heyer is a man who formerly lived and identified as a transgender woman named Laura for eight years. He underwent surgery in 1983 and spoke of his experience of being psychologically abused and how that contributed to significant discomfort with his body. This is now playing out on a massive scale, he said, and the medical establishment is pushing these dangerous hormonal treatments and surgical interventions on thousands of young people.  Read more: