Abortionist Admits She Loves Killing Babies: “This is My Dream”

Merle Hoffman’s life has been dedicated to oppressing the most innocent victims of all – unborn babies. And she described it as a “dream.” Hoffman runs Choices, a large abortion business in Queens, New York City, where viable unborn babies are aborted up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. She makes between $450 and $2,000 for each unborn baby who is aborted, and lives in a lavish, waterfront home. Forbes once nicknamed her the “Millionaire Abortionist.” Sickly, Hoffman told the newspaper that she now is no longer dreaming but living her fantasy. “It’s today. This is dream. My life is meaningful, challenging, stressful, and extremely exciting at times,” she said.
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FBI Director: 1,000 Homegrown Terror Investigations Active, Not Counting ‘Traditional’ ISIS, al-Qaeda Suspects

FBI Director Christopher Wray described “what I would call sort of our highest counterterrorism priority at the moment.” “We have about 1,000 investigations into exactly the kind of people you’re describing, covering all 50 states as I’m sitting here right now. And that’s not even counting, you know, the al-Qaeda investigations, the traditional ISIS investigations, the domestic terrorism investigations, but just the group you’re talking about,” he said. “And what makes it so hard is that there are not many dots to connect with some of these people. They pick soft targets, they use easy to use weapons, you know, IEDs, cars, knives, guns. And they can make decisions on the spur of the moment.
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The Hate Agenda of the Left is Backfiring

Last week, the New York Times published an opinion piece by Gerard Alexander, an associate professor of politics at the University of Virginia, titled, “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think.” The piece is an intriguing analysis of how liberals are hurting their own cause by presuming their mental and moral superiority, and thus, are inviting significant backlash against their favored agenda. The prime example is how liberals use their virtual monopoly in the media and the entertainment industry to ruthlessly bash Trump. They’re very protective of this monopoly as their goal is ideological segregation. Any signs of diversity of thought are met with disgust and hatred.
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St. Ambrose College’s Segregated Muslim Prayer Room Is A Chilling Reality

That St. Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa has opened a sex-segregated prayer room for Muslim students requires an explanation. Why exactly do Muslims want to go to an explicitly Catholic college and why is that now-progressive Catholic college proudly violating normative standards of equal treatment for men and women? The answer is found in why feminists have turned into crickets on select overt sexism when they howl outrages over only perceived slights against women. Muslims, feminists and most American progressives have a common enemy: America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, which they have been working to dismantle for generations.
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Outrage after School Tells Kids to Write Islamic Faith Declaration. This Isn’t Even the Beginning

A Christian parent of a Gerrardstown, West Virginia, student is outraged after his daughter’s school required students to copy the Islamic faith declaration in calligraphy. The purported assignment came from the young girl’s social studies class. According to The Christian Post, “the packet went into detail about the history of Islam, the prophet Muhammad, and the five pillars of the religion.” The parent, however, was most perturbed that the children were instructed to write the Arabic form of the Shahada, the Islamic profession of faith which roughly translates to, “There is no god but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”
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PERSECUTION ‘Intense Hatred’ toward Christians: Extremism, Injustice, and Lawlessness

Religious persecution of believers goes unabated in several Asian nations, with death and imprisonment often the result. Sunday’s deadly bombing of three churches in Indonesia killed at least ten people. David Curry says it’s hard to imagine a mother and father persuading their children to commit murder and suicide, but that’s what happened in Indonesia’s second-largest city. In the Philippines, two Catholic priests have been killed in the last four months. The intensity of this type of killing is very alarming because it shows that [the lives of] even religious clergy can be taken [lightly] and the government seems to be not really doing its best to capture the suspects,” says Gina Goh, regional manager for International Christian Concern.
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Palestinians in Gaza Threaten Israel, ahead of ‘Nakba Day’ Riots Hamas Hopes Will Draw 100,000 to Border

Ahead of “Nakba Day” – the “Great Catastrophe” of the establishment of the State of Israel – Palestinians in the Gaza Strip published a video on Sunday calling on Jews to leave Israel by midnight. “This is the last caution, you have been warned.” The narrator threatened, “Your entity’s army can’t protect you. Your men will be collected by the war crimes court in The Hague. Your women and children will be put in refugee camps under UN control. Your money and property will be confiscated to compensate the refugees and the immigrants.” Tuesday’s violence threatens to dwarf Monday’s Arab riots at the border which left dozens dead and over 1,600 wounded.
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