California Schools Pushing Racist, LGBT, SJW Agenda on Children

If you are still unsure about some grand conspiracy to indoctrinate California’s children, the American Federation of Teachers (labor union) has lessons on “How to Combat Gender Bias.” My particular favorite is number #4, with this cute gender-neutral picture: “We should avoid grouping children by their gender. Make sure all classroom rules apply to a multitude of sexes. Have equal books, guest speakers, films on males, females, transgender people, etc., to create wide exposure and to normalize these ideas for children.”  Read more:

Stalin Would Approve: The Only Thing Missing So Far is the Live Ammo

We have entered a genuinely Stalinist world in which all it takes is an accusation from the favored clique, in this case, “progressive” women, to wreck an honest man’s career. There is no trial on facts or law any longer. As others have pointed out, we now have “guilt by accusation.” If you are a member of the elite class and simply make the accusation against a member of the disfavored class, his life is over. He’s ruined. He’s through. There’s no defense because the accusation itself is its own proof.  Read more:

SWIFT JUSTICE: Pedo Makes Mistake of Assaulting Daughter of Shotgun-Owning Momma Bear

ABC News 14 reports that the woman heard “a commotion” in her Morgantown, West Virginia, home, so she grabbed her shotgun and went to investigate. Upon reaching her daughter’s room, she allegedly saw the man “struggling with her daughter.”  The man then turned toward the mother, “at which point she fired directly into his face, blowing off most of his head.”  The man, a registered sex offender, died immediately.  Read more:

Alabama Town Recites Lord’s Prayer, Wears ‘We Believe’ T-Shirts after Prayer Banned at Football Games

Many in the community were not pleased by the news and have responded with their own initiative to keep prayer and faith included in the games.  An online video shows the crowd reciting the Lord’s Prayer, with participants wearing “We Believe” T-shirts.  “I’ve never been more proud,” said Gregg Armstrong, minister at Locust Fork Baptist Church.  “[The shirts] mean that we are standing up for our Christianity and that no one can really stop us even if they try and put a lawsuit against us, it doesn’t mean anything,” one child named Kayla told WVTM 13 during the game. “We can still stand up for our Christianity.”  Read more:

Sex brothel’ Slated to Open is Not Wanted, Houston’s Mayor Says

“This is not the kind of business I would like to see in Houston and certainly this is not the kind of business the City is seeking to attract,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner.  Yuval Gavriel, the founder of KinySdollS, calls it a “showroom.”  Gavriel said customers can try out the merchandise.  The company opened its first location last year near Toronto, where $60 buys a half-hour alone with a robot sex doll. The dolls start at $2,500.  Turner said “the city is currently reviewing existing ordinances that may restrict or regulate such businesses.”  Read more:

Homosexual ‘Cesspool’: Priest Blows Whistle on Ireland’s National Seminary

The trained psychologist, who specializes in priestly formation, said that a homosexual network exists among seminary council and spiritual directors. In the face of such widespread dissent from Church teaching on sexuality, it was no longer possible to conduct proper formation in the seminary, he said, and he felt compelled to resign.  Fr. Marsden relates in the interview how he became aware of the existence of the homosexual network and attempted, to no avail, to make it known to proper authorities.  Read more:

Firefighters Kneel in Prayer After Baby and Mother Killed by Falling Tree in Hurricane Florence

Cameras captured the emotional scene outside one of the homes where tragedy occurred. A tree hit one home, killing a baby and its mother. The father survived the horrifying ordeal.  Firefighters could be seen kneeling in prayer after learning the devastating news.  Read more: