Hypocrites: #MeToo Dems Silent as Vice Chair Ellison Accused of Brutal Sex Assault

Allegations of emotional and physical abuse arose over the weekend against Rep. Keith Ellison, a prominent black and Islamic member of Congress, from a former girlfriend named Karan Monahan, more specifically from her son, who revealed the existence of the accusations in a social media post.  Some on the left have already begun to ever so subversively work toward undermining Monahan’s credibility and defend Ellison from the troublesome allegations, a stark difference from how accusers of politicians on the right are treated.  Monahan, a 44-year-old progressive who works as an organizer for the left-wing Sierra Club, has claimed that Ellison engaged in “insidious” abuse against her while the two were dating in recent years.

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Antifa Vows “Bullets” for Political Enemies; Media Ignores Threat

The mainstream media completely failed to report on Antifa members in DC yesterday, some of whom went on to assault police officers, carrying a banner which openly advertised their intention to put bullets in their political enemies.  Numerous video clips and photos show Antifa members carrying a large black banner which reads, “It takes a bullet to bash a fash.”  Given that Antifa believes anyone right of Joseph Stalin to be a “fascist” (they literally carry Communist hammer and sickle flags), this is open incitement to violence against all conservatives.  Zero mainstream media outlets have reported on the banner.  Another clip shows Antifa throwing objects at police officers.  Far-left agitators also mobbed a cop on a motorcycle, throwing things at him and shoving him.

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At Long Last: IRS Pays Up for Targeting Conservative Groups

A tea party leader in Ohio is pleased that the Internal Revenue Service must pay millions of dollars to tea party groups that were targeted by the agency in the run up to the 2012 presidential election.  Last week a federal judge in Cincinnati signed off on the settlement between the IRS and hundreds of tea party groups to close out a major legal battle over unwarranted and illegal targeting of the groups. The IRS will pay $3.5 million to the tea party organizations that were wronged by intrusive inspections – and the agency insists it has taken steps to ensure that political targeting won’t occur in the future. Former IRS official Lois Lerner (pictured) was at the center of the controversy.

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Vermont Dem is 1st Openly Transgender Candidate to Run for Governor

Christine Hallquist is the first openly transgender woman to run for governor in the United States – a remarkable change for a woman who just a few years ago, when she was still living as a man named Dave, was terrified of letting anyone know about her gender dysphoria.  “I was sure when I transitioned, I’d end up sleeping in a gutter somewhere,” Hallquist told Politico.  But the former CEO of the Vermont Electric Cooperative, rather, was greeted with overwhelming acceptance. So much so that she began to think about a gubernatorial run.  Hallquist is just the third openly transgender candidate in U.S. history to run for a statewide office – along with Kim Coco Iwamoto in Hawaii and Wikileaks leaker Chelsea Manning, who recently lost a Maryland Senate primary.

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Congressman Keith Ellison, Deputy Chairman DNC, Faces Serious Allegations of Domestic Violence, Assault

Ellison is a current candidate for Attorney General of Minnesota.  Representative Ellison has been accused of domestic violence by his former partner Karen Monahan [See Monahan twitter here].  Yesterday Karen Monahan’s son, Austin Monahan, provided details of the allegations in a Facebook Post that outlines prior evidence of the horrific abuse he discovered in 2017, and Austin’s motive for bringing the issue to light now to support Karen Monahan’s recent claims.  Austin Monahan claims there is video evidence of the abuse, and there are numerous text messages between his mom Karen Monahan and Keith Ellison outlining the history of the events and threats from Ellison if she went public.

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Super-rich having brains FROZEN to get SECOND LIFE

They are paying a fortune to have them cryogenically preserved in liquid nitrogen in the hope of a new life. But it doesn’t come cheap – having your grey matter frozen for up to 200 years will set you back £80,000.  The service is being offered by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company is headed up by Bristol-born scientist Dr Max More, inset, and his team of eight people.  It has 1,100 paying members on its books. The terminally ill, the elderly and people in their 50s have all signed up in the hope that one day they can be thawed out and their medical problems or diseases cured.  They have forgotten the Scripture: “People are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

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Video Shows Democrat ‘Antifa’ Goons Being Violent in Charlottesville; Fake News Media Reports as “Peaceful Protest,” Blame Cops

Twitchy reported earlier about how a group of Antifa was caught on video literally attacking an NBC reporter and his entire crew, plus a plethora (say that five times fast) of other videos of Antifa violently protesting NOTHING … and like clockwork, The Hill reports on the ‘peaceful protest’ and vilifies cops: “Police in riot gear show up to peaceful Charlottesville anti-white supremacist protest.”  YEAH, RIGHT. Maybe they missed the reports about all of the switchblades and brass knuckles that were confiscated during the “peaceful protest.”  Notice how they don’t mention the videos of cops and reporters being physically attacked.

Read more:  https://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2018/08/12/fake-news-bs-even-though-antifa-attacked-them-in-charlottesville-media-report-protest-as-peaceful-blame-cops/