DNC Chair Tom Perez Blasts Religion: ‘People Buy It!’ … and Don’t Listen to Us

Given the influence of religion on the Right, “it should come as a surprise to no one that our message doesn’t penetrate,” Perez added.  “That person on the pulpit is saying, ‘Ignore everything else that this person has done and is doing. We have to focus on one issue of Roe v. Wade,'” the DNC chairman said.  “And people buy it! Because that’s their only source,” Perez quipped.  In other words, pro-life Christians aren’t smart enough to realize that Democrats are right on this issue, the DNC chair suggested.  Rather than reconsidering the issue, wondering whether the pastor has good reasons to protect life before birth, Perez suggested that religion is to blame for the stupidity of the electorate, especially the pro-life crowd.  Read more:  https://pjmedia.com/video/dnc-chair-tom-perez-blasts-religion-people-buy-it/

Even a Broken Clock: The New York Times Reveals Serious Problems with Trans Ideology in Opinion Piece

Every once in a while, we’re offered a peek behind an ideological curtain. That’s what happened in The New York Times.  If you were a surgeon and someone asked you to perform a surgery that would not heal, would not help, would not make them feel better, and would leave the patient with a permanent wound, would you do it?  The answer is, of course, no.  No one should perform a surgery that does not help, does not heal, does not make someone feel better, and that would leave a permanent wound.  In the case of gender dysphoria, however, doctors perform a surgery that, in effect, amputates perfectly healthy body parts.  Read more:  https://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/john-stonestreet/new-york-times-reveals-serious-problems-trans-ideology-opinion-piece

Satanic Statue Mocking Christmas Up in Illinois Statehouse; Sign Near It Explains It’s Not Officials’ Fault

The Chicago chapter of the Satanic Temple forced officials to display its “Snaketivity” statue in the Illinois Statehouse rotunda.  The statue, which features a hand holding up an apple with a serpent wrapped around it, is now included alongside a Nativity scene and a Hanukkah menorah.  It’s title, “Knowledge Is the Greatest Gift,” overtly mocks the idea of Christ as God’s great gift to the world.  State officials don’t appear to be quite as thrilled about the stunt.  Nearby is a sign that explains that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution allows temporary, public displays so long as these displays are not paid for by taxpayer dollars.  Read more:  https://www.dailywire.com/news/39049/satanic-statue-mocking-christmas-illinois-james-barrett

A Christian Pop Star Gave A Bad Answer When Asked About Homosexuality

Popular Christian singer Lauren Daigle made a clumsy attempt to steer around the land mine. “I can’t honestly answer on that,” she said. “In a sense, I have too many people that I love that are homosexual. I’m not God. So, when people ask questions like that, that’s what my go to is. Like, I just say, ‘Read the Bible and find out for yourself. And when you find out, let me know because I’m learning too.'”  But this time she gave her critics a legitimate excuse. If you’re going to earn your money by catering to a Christian audience, you can’t claim that you “don’t know” what the Bible has to say about sexual morality.  Read more:  https://www.dailywire.com/news/39063/walsh-christian-pop-star-gave-bad-answer-when-matt-walsh

‘Our One True Hope in the Midst of Tragedy’: How Could This Wooden Cross Survive Epic Calif. Wildfire?

The town of Paradise was transformed into something out of a nightmare after a wildfire reduced much of the California town to ashes, leaving nothing behind – or rather almost nothing.  Two days after Paradise was engulfed in flames, Brandon Merrick, pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, posted a Facebook photo of what was left of his church’s property – a wooden cross standing untouched in the parking lot.  The pastor said he was moved by the sight of the wooden symbol, calling it a reminder of “our one true hope” in a dark world.  Read more:  http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/2018/december/our-one-true-hope-in-the-midst-of-tragedy-how-could-this-wooden-cross-survive-epic-calif-wildfire

Book Review: Muslim Conquest of America?

An international network of Muslim Brotherhood-linked activists has been building its ranks within the United States for more than three decades, aided by a U.S. immigration system obsessed with welcoming as many unassimilable migrants with anti-Western values as possible. As a result, largely secret plans for major population changes in hundreds of U.S. cities and towns are already being implemented.  The Muslim Brotherhood has a well-defined strategy for conquering America, not necessarily with violent jihadist attacks – although we should expect those to increase – but through more subtle means collectively called “civilization jihad.”  Read more:  https://superstore.wnd.com/stealth-invasion-hardcover/?promocode=StealthText

Tis’ the Season: Hatchet-Wielding Jihadist Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Arrested in German Christmas Market

Welcome to the new Germany that Merkel built with her open borders policies favoring Muslim migrants.  A “drunk” foreign born man was arrested after he threatened people while waving a hatchet around screaming “Allahu Akbar!” Thanks to Merkel’s dangerous and destructive immigration policies, Germans now celebrate Christmas with ‘diversity barriers.’  While these barriers keep Jihadists from mowing people down with vehicles, they haven’t figured out a way to protect the citizens from knife and hatchet attacks by the migrants who practice the ‘religion of peace.’  Read more:  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/12/hatchet-wielding-jihadist-screaming-allahu-akbar-arrested-in-german-christmas-market/