Texas Officials Illuminate Crosses after Atheists’ Call for Removal

Elected officials in an East Texas community defiantly illuminated the crosses on their courthouse after an atheist organization told them to take them down. The move came after the county judge and commissioners voted unanimously to keep the four crosses on the county building.  Breitbart News reported that the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) complained to San Jacinto County public officials about the prominent display of the “Latin cross[es].” The foundation issued an “Action Alert” to its supporters saying, “A concerned Coldspring resident reported to FFRF that San Jacinto County has the crosses up all year round and even lights the crosses during the holiday season.”  Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/05/12/texas-officials-illuminate-crosses-after-atheists-call-for-removal/#