‘Astonishing’: When Tragedy Strikes in Sri Lanka, WAPO Turns its Focus to the ‘Far Right’ — again

The Washington Post provoked an online backlash after publishing an article that said the recent terrorist attacks targeting Christians in Sri Lanka fueled “far-right anger in the West.”  The article, labeled as analysis rather than straight reporting, provided just the latest example of the Post reframing a global tragedy around the “far right.”  Critics took the Post to task for making mass murder of hundreds of Christians about the “far right” and for casting skepticism on the persecution that Christians face around the world. (Pew Research Center lists Christians as the religious group most subjected to religiously motivated harassment.)  Read more: https://www.bizpacreview.com/2019/04/23/astonishing-when-tragedy-strikes-in-sri-lanka-wapo-turns-its-focus-to-the-far-right-again-748038