NBC Condemns Questions about Notre Dame Fire Being Jihad Arson as “Islamophobic Conspiracy Theories”

The mainstream media has been quick to accuse anyone of spreading “Islamophobic conspiracy theories” if they question whether the Notre Dame blaze may be a jihad attack. An NBC article states: “Images and videos of the flaming cathedral spread quickly across social media and were quickly seized upon to push Islamophobic narratives that have flourished in far-right politics.” The Huffington Post shouted “racial hatred.”  No one knows whether jihadists ignited the blaze or not, but many in the media have lost an ability which was once a job requirement of journalists: to ask probing questions.  Read more: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2019/04/nbc-condemns-questions-about-notre-dame-fire-being-jihad-arson-as-islamophobic-conspiracy-theories