Paganism Revived: the Return of the Barbarians

In the catacombs of Rome one finds a curious phenomenon: the vast underground burial chambers are filled with tiny graves with inscriptions such as “adopted daughter of…” or “adopted son of…”  These are the final resting places of infants who were abandoned by their parents.

Infanticide was widely practiced in the ancient world, where unwanted newborns were discarded like trash and left to die of exposure.  Even the highly-esteemed Roman statesman and philosopher Cicero took no pity on the most helpless among us, decreeing that “Deformed infants shall be killed.”  “Deformity,” however, was broadly defined, and could refer to a sickly child, a deformed child, a child of the wrong desired sex, or simply an unwanted child.

The new religion of Christianity, however, instituted a new world view that valued all life.  The Christian belief that each individual person has worth because they were created by God was foreign to pagan society where the State or one’s tribal status was the sole measure of someone’s personal worth.

Most recently in Illinois, we are seeing a revival of the barbaric ideology of those who support the wanton killing of helpless babies in the womb.   Fortunately, legislation which would have legalized minors having abortions without parental consent has been stalled in the Human Services Committee.  However, the danger is far from over, as the Senate version— SB 1594—remains very active.  If passed, SB1594 would repeal SB1504, the Parental Notification of Abortion Act of 1995, which mandated that a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian be notified when a minor under their supervision seeks an abortion.

SB1504 was found to be constitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Illinois Department of Public Health Statistics reports that since being passed by the legislator in 2013, the bill caused a decline in minor abortions of 57% through 2017.  There have been no reports that minors being abused as a result of SB1504’s requirement that parents be notified

Several states, including Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and Kentucky, all have passed legislation that mandates parental involvement in decisions regarding abortions.  The law is eminently reasonable and necessary, as underage teens are typically ill-informed on how having an abortion may affect them physically or emotionally.

Parents in Illinois must not be deprived of involvement in their underaged daughters’ lives, especially regarding such important medical procedures.  The Illinois House bill was stopped dead in its tracks by vigorous pro-life action, including the submission of many thousands of witness slips objecting to the legislation.

America must not be permitted to turn its back on fundamental Christian principles and descend once again into the dark ages of barbarism.  Time is of the essence to repeat the grassroots action regarding the mirror bill in the Illinois Senate.  SB 1594 is in scheduled for a hearing on March 19th at 1:00 pm in room 400 in the Capitol building.  Now is the time to fill out a witness slip to oppose SB 1594.  Here’s the procedure: