The Abortionist Injected Sarah’s Brain with Poison: but She Didn’t Die…until 5 Years Later

In July of 1993, a 15-year old mother intended to abort her little girl.  So far advanced was the pregnancy that the baby was already in position for delivery.  Not having yet perfected his induction method of abortion, George Tiller “injected the baby’s head with Potassium Chloride, leaving permanent burn marks and needle track scars.”  When the young mother returned the next day for the actual abortion procedure, it was found that the baby had not died, as intended, from the lethal injections into her head. The mother was sent to a local hospital where the baby was delivered, wrapped in a blanket, and left in a bassinet without attendance to die.  Read more:…until?fbclid=IwAR3QtZ4HwtahJ8GFsEA4RJUNdIF50KbVyeOeqVPy78YZgOZYzuO-t_X7vyM&utm_content=buffer92e51&utm_medium=CRC%2BBuffer&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=CRC