Pope’s Joint Statement with Muslims Gets Slapped Down by Bishop Schneider: ‘Christianity is the only God-willed religion’

Bishop Athanasius Schneider today issued a statement on the uniqueness of faith in Christ, to remedy confusion arising from the controversial document Pope Francis signed with a Grand Imam in Abu Dhabi.  The document incited controversy among Christians for asserting that “the pluralism and the diversity of religions” are “willed by God in His wisdom.  To the contrary, writes Bishop Schneider, “Christianity can never be placed complementarily side by side with other religions … There is only one way to God, and this is Jesus Christ, for He Himself said: ‘I am the Way’ (John 14: 6).  Read more: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bishop-athanasius-schneider-issues-statement-on-controversial-document?fbclid=IwAR2I2QAAF4b6W5-60g4p62zOrONcU8xe4oIMwK08qoKnK98xHgneymed4gQ&utm_campaign=CRC&utm_content=bufferbfdd4&utm_medium=CRC%2BBuffer&utm_source=facebook