Why Americans Should Applaud the Virginia, New York Abortion Bills

Americans should applaud the new abortion legislation proposed in states like Virginia and New York. That’s because, in bowing to a progressive agenda, these bills are exposing abortion for what it is: death.  Several states already support abortion up until birth. But only now are Americans causing an uproar over them. That’s because certain politicians appear to not only support and celebrate unrestricted abortion, but also expand it to include newborns. Infanticide. That isn’t something that just concerns the pro-life movement and Republicans. It’s detached from Democrats. It’s out of touch with Americans. It’s atrocious to human beings.  Or it should be.  Read more: https://townhall.com/columnists/katieyoder/2019/02/01/why-americans-should-applaud-the-virginia-new-york-abortion-bills-n2540640