Religion of Peace Update: Pakistan high court upholds Asia Bibi acquittal

Rimmel Mohydin of Amnesty International reacted to the news: “After nine years behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, it is difficult to see this long overdue verdict as justice. But she should now be free to reunite with her family and seek safety in a country of her choice,” stated Mohydin.  “This shameful delay in enforcing Asia Bibi’s rights only reinforces the need for the Pakistani government to repeal the blasphemy laws as well as other laws that discriminate against religious minorities and put their lives in danger.”  Violent protests took place in response to the news of Bibi’s acquittal.  Qari Muhammad Salam, an Islamic cleric, said that he believed that Bibi “deserves the death sentence according to the law.”  “If you start forgiving people on this issue, then it will become routine that people will commit blasphemy and just ask for forgiveness,” stated Salam.  Read more: