Texas Transgender Bills to ‘Ban Christianity’ in Texas?

The magnitude of the latest wave of pro-LGBTQ legislation in Texas is so severe that one conservative columnist argues that the left is attempting “to ban Christianity in Texas.”  Texas Pastors Council President Dave Welch believes that it is absurd that the ultra-left is now arguing that a person’s decision to believe they are the opposite sex is given the same recognition and precedence as a person’s natural-born ethnicity.  “The mad dash by some Democrat House and Senate members to push false narratives that sexual behavior is the same as skin color and that mental illness deserves the same honored status as religious belief is ominous evidence that the criminalization of religious faith and common sense are on the horizon,” Welch warned.  Read more:  https://onenewsnow.com/legal-courts/2019/01/26/texas-transgender-bills-to-ban-christianity-in-texas