Targeting of Karen Pence is Wake-Up Call to All Christians

Vice President Pence’s wife Karen has come under withering attack in recent days from many in the media. From this “reporting,” one might think she has transgressed some obvious social boundary of a civilized society. In reality, the big “scoop” is that this Christian wife and mother, is teaching at a Christian school, which being Christian, holds to Christian beliefs about marriage.  Yet you wouldn’t know that from reading the headlines about her, which lead the reader to believe that the driving force of Karen’s actions is the targeting of those who identify as LGBT.  Those perpetrating such claims negligently (and often willfully) mischaracterize our faith.  The truth is that Karen, along with other biblically-based Christians faithful to biblical teaching, believe that sexual conduct outside of God’s plan of marriage is sinful (as are a myriad of things). Read more: