Is Pope Francis not just a Heretic, but An Apostate?

Editor Rod Pead in the January edition article “Faithless” goes over a laundry list of Francis’s errors starting with Jorge Bergoglio’s quotes against Jesus Christ’s Great Commission “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”:

“1 October 2016: ‘There is a very grave sin against ecumenism: proselytism.’ Twelve days later… ‘Proselytism is strongest venom against path of ecumenism’… on 18 November 2016… ‘I repeat, proselytism among Christians is a sin.’”

“… [I]f one accepts the validity of both Benedict’s resignation and Bergoglio’s election (thoughtful Catholics are split on the reasonable arguments pro and con).”

“… [And Francis’s] outrageous ‘magisterial’ statements on faith (e.g. there is no Catholic God; doctrinal security exists no more; he who claims to have all the answers does not have God within him; proselytism is nonsense; atheists can go to heaven; etc.).”

“‘… Bergoglio [is not] merely a heretic [but] an apostate because he adheres to a system that rejects the possibility of religious truth and the objective moral law’?” Read more: