Lord, Execute Judgment against the New Pharaohs and Their New Pagan Gods

“The plagues were intended to show the Egyptians  the powerlessness of the gods in which they believed. What is at stake in this confrontation is the difference between myth – in which the gods are mere powers, to be tamed, propitiated or manipulated – and biblical monotheism, in which ethics (justice, compassion, human dignity) constitute the meeting point of God and mankind.”  Today our progressive opinion-makers ridicule the concept of an eternal God and a world to come, but they believe that we soon will upload our minds to the Internet where our consciousness will continue intact.  Enlightened opinion now believes that we shall maintain our conscious minds in Google’s cloud.  Add to this a robotic body, and supposedly we can live forever. A lot of Silicon Valley billionaires take this seriously.  Read more:  https://pjmedia.com/spengler/lord-execute-judgment-against-the-new-pharaohs-and-their-new-pagan-gods/