Will We Abandon Syria’s Christians?

President Trump’s announcement that he will withdraw U.S. military forces from Northern Syria stands to put Syria’s Christian community — who have been a target of ISIS — in mortal danger.  Compounding the danger of a withdrawal is the irony that it won’t likely help the president achieve his promise. While ISIS has suffered, it is not finished. Some reports show that ISIS still controls territory and is capable of again mounting a serious insurgency in the future. Indeed, the Department of Defense stated that “ISIS retains nearly 30,000 fighters across Iraq and Syria and is ‘more capable’ than Al-Qaeda in Iraq — ISIS’s predecessor — at its peak in 2006–2007.” Such a force would pose a serious threat to all peace-loving and free areas in Syria, including the Federation of Northern Syria.  Read more:  https://stream.org/will-we-abandon-syrias-christians/