A Letter to Archbishop Viganò: TEMPUS ADEST – The Time has Come!

The secular press is not interested in homosexual orgies in Vatican apartments, or even bishops who sleep with seminarians.  Because they believe that there is nothing wrong with two consenting males having sex with each other.  So the secular world will never be an instrument in the exposure of and the elimination of the sexual corruption within the Church.  This is why you, Archbishop Viganò, must come out of your desert and confront those you accuse of covering up the poison that keeps the Church from fulfilling her sacred mission to the world of evangelizing all nations and people and letting them know about the love of God in Jesus Christ for all men and women and that he is the only hope for salvation and eternal life in God.  Read more: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2018/12/archbishop-vigano-adest-time-has-come.html#more