‘Satan’s Greetings’: Satanists Erect Diabolic Display Alongside Nativity Set in Illinois Statehouse

A Satanic Temple display now sits alongside a Christmas tree and a Nativity scene in the Illinois Statehouse as part of what was supposed to be Christmas-themed decorations.  The black-colored statue from the Satanists depicts a hand clutching an apple with a serpent wrapped around the forearm. A red glow lights the figure from below.  The so-called holiday monument is titled “Snaketivity” and was created by The Satanic Temple — Chicago Chapter.  The sculpture appears to celebrate the fall of mankind, as Adam and Eve succumbed to the serpent’s temptation to eat of the fruit forbidden by God.  Read more:  https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/satans-greetings-satanists-erect-diabolic-display-alongside-nativity-set-in