‘All Cultures are Equal’ Update: Thousands of Brides Being Burned Alive in India

Thousands of brides are being burned alive in India despite the practice being illegal, a Christian ministry has warned.  India Partners, a Christian organization told Mission Network News that there are still as many as 8,000 bride burning cases a year in the Hindu-majority country.  The low view of women is spread through parts of India’s society.  The burning attacks, some of which have resulted in deaths, are tied to dowry and marriage disputes in rural districts.  “Horrible things like this happen because of dowry deaths. Before marriage, the families will agree upon a dowry that the bride’s family generally will pay to the groom’s family,” John explained.  Read more:  https://www.christianpost.com/news/thousands-of-women-burned-alive-in-india-not-recognized-as-humans-christian-ministry-warns.html