Black Democrat Strategist Said He Received Pushback for Urging Party to Welcome Biblical Values

A black Democrat Christian strategist says that the party’s donor class’ push for secular progressivism is “out of tune” with the views of many black Christians in the Democratic Party, and recounted the pushback he personally received when he urged the party to be more welcoming to biblical values. Justin Giboney, an Atlanta-based lawyer and a former Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention, spoke out against the direction that his party has taken as it relates to the views of black Christians who call for social justice while adhering to the moral truths of their Protestant biblical beliefs. Many liberal senators are actually deeply religious but embarrassed to share faith, Democrat senator says, “There were certain issues that I had trouble really reconciling with my faith, being asked to handle people’s campaigns and their platforms and just knowing that certain things were off limits,” Giboney said. “I really didn’t think that was fair or understand it because the people that I go to church with and the people I’m around are not necessarily secular progressives.”
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