‘Ya’ll Don’t Do That again,’ Principal Tells Praying Students

‘The students were warned after they met during lunch period, sitting at an empty table as they quietly prayed together.  Principal Lee Frost told the students they could pray only on the cafeteria’s stage behind the curtain, outside of the school building, or in the gym while no one was present.  “In other words, the students were told that they could not pray in view of the other students,” First Liberty, which is representing the students, explained.  “Students should not have to hide or be exiled to pray for each other.  School officials need to remember that students don’t lose their First Amendment rights at the school house gate.  Read more:  https://www.wnd.com/2018/11/yall-dont-do-that-again-principal-tells-praying-students/#dpo5jsoSHvUTvHZV.99