U.S. Is Top Target as ISIS Terror Plots Soar

30 percent of the group’s recent plots center on America, including 33 terror attempts in just the first part of 2018.  ISIS-backed terrorists have attempted to launch at least 73 attacks on the American homeland since 2017, according to the House Homeland Security Committee.  ISIS continues to be the preeminent terror faction across the globe and is linked to 142 plots, including arrest and attacks targeting Westerners. ISIS has been tied to a total of 243 terror plots since 2014, or about “five terrorist incidents per month.”  There is no sign ISIS terror plots are on the decline, according to the report, which found a 63 percent increase in ISIS terrorism during the past two years.  Read more: https://freebeacon.com/national-security/u-s-top-target-isis-terror-plots-soar/