A Five-Year-Old Girl Is Molested in School Bathroom by a ‘Gender Fluid’ Student, Sparking Investigation and Outrage at District’s Gender Neutral Bathroom Policy

After the mother, Pascha Thomas, made a complaint to the school, she was told no action would be taken, and then child services was called on her.  When child services arrived at her door, Thomas says authorities told her the school had filed a report naming her as the responsible party.  “How do you, in your right mind, do something like that to a parent,” she said in a video filmed by conservative Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom.  “Their child has been sexually assaulted, then you turn around and paint them as the villain.”  Read more, expect a rise in blood pressure:  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6241723/School-toilet-policy-investigation-girl-five-molested-gender-fluid-student.html