PC Gone Mad: Campus Administrators Trained to Halt ‘Microassaults, Microinsults and Microinvalidations’

Quotes like “You’re the prettiest African-American girl I’ve seen” or “Wow, you speak really good English” both qualify as microinsults.  Microinvalidations dismiss the experience of a historically underrepresented or mistreated group. Such actions as mispronouncing names, using the wrong pronouns, calling on predominantly men or white people, scheduling exams during holidays, or using heteronormative hypotheticals in class, like saying “bring your boyfriend or girlfriend,” are all examples of microinvalidations students experience.  Niemann was especially critical of the statement “I don’t see race.” She described it as “disturbing” and an “outright lie.” Read more: https://www.thecollegefix.com/campus-administrators-trained-to-halt-microassaults-microinsults-and-microinvalidations/