Inspiring! Chick-fil-A Manager Stops Service to Pray for Employee Having Surgery for Breast Cancer

Chick-fil-A employees and locations are praised for upholding their values, with countless guests praising their kindness, their willingness to go the extra mile and so much more.  Most recently, a North Carolina Chick-fil-A took time out of a busy day at the restaurant to ask God to watch over a beloved coworker.  The manager of the location asked co-workers and customers to join him in prayer. When the manager asked everyone inside the restaurant to take part in the prayer for Ms. Trish if they wanted to, customers that filled the restaurant didn’t hesitate to do so.  “Dear Lord, please protect Ms. Trish as she gets her surgery today,” he began.  The restaurant fell silent as customers and employees alike came together to send Ms. Trish the support and light she needed on such a trying day.  Read more: