Coming to a Town Near You: ‘I Can’t Take My Daughter or Wife Into the City Anymore Because of Harassment by Migrants’

“I worked for 40 years. I can’t go into the city anymore with my grandchildren. Why? My wife, my daughter in law went to the city not too long ago,” one man explains.  “In front of the cops, Arab citizens, young men well dressed, stylish with a mobile phone went past her, ‘Wanna f**k?’ ‘Wanna f**k?’”  “And I ask myself is that normal?”, he added. “If I did that 4 years ago, they would have taken me away as a sexual offended, but with them, closed, closed, closed!”  The leftist woman turns away in effort to dismiss the man’s story. He later points out that the riots in Chemnitz only began after a migrant spat on the graves of Germans.  “And such people remain free! This is incomprehensible! Incomprehensible!” asserts another man.  The clueless Mayor of Chemnitz reacted to the protests by declaring a state of emergency: “I’m convinced that it’ll mobilise forces as we see today that very clearly show that we won’t allow for the right and right-wing thinking to undermine the state.”  Read more: