Militant Antifa Group Targets Christian Militant Antifa Group Targets Christian Mega-Church in Austin; Doxes Pastor’s Son

A Marxist, militant, pro-LGBT antifa group is trying to shut down a Christian megachurch in Austin, Texas, apparently because of its biblical views on sexuality. Members of the Stonewall Militant Front (SMF) were joined by a dozen or so other gay rights activists who chanted, waved pride flags, and held signs over the weekend to protest Celebration Church because of its opposition to gay marriage.  The gay rights activists also protested the church’s Sunday morning services at the Austin school district performing arts center in order to criticize the district for renting the facility to Christian “homophobes.” But a visit to the non-denominational Celebration Church’s website shows no hostility toward gays. In fact, tolerance and inclusivity appear to be key components of their mission statement.  Read more: