A Diversity of Acid Attacks, Witchcraft Abuse, Genital Mutilation and Terror

Immigrant groups mutilate, abuse and kill their own children to stop diversity.  2017 was a banner year for acid attacks in Britain.  465 of them occurred in London.  The borough of Newham tops the acid attacks chart with 85 last year. Newham has the second highest Muslim percentage population and the lowest native British population in London. Tower Hamlets, which has the highest Muslim population percentage, has the second highest rate of acid attacks.  In addition, the number of child abuse witchcraft cases just keeps rising.  No amount of action plans can solve a problem whose roots are buried in faith and culture. Read more:  https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/271178/diversity-acid-attacks-witchcraft-abuse-genital-daniel-greenfield