‘Burning Man’ is America’s Largest Religious Gathering

Seventy thousand weirdos descend on the Nevada desert this week to bump uglies, welter in filth, and worship Moloch during America’s largest annual religious gathering: Burning Man. The festival began as a summer solstice bonfire ritual in 1986, when Bay Area artists “spontaneously” burned an eight-foot-tall wooden man, as well as a smaller wooden dog, in effigy. The ritual mirrored an identical ancient Druidic sacrifice described by Julius Caesar in his Commentary on the Gallic War, though Burning Man’s founders claim ignorance as to the custom’s origin. Today that solstice bonfire has grown into a week-long, annual bacchanal of sex, drugs, and pagan spirituality.  Read more:  https://www.dailywire.com/news/35229/burning-man-americas-largest-religious-gathering-michael-j-knowles