A Gay Parent’s Complaint About Adoption Illustrates A Dangerous Adult-Centric Mindset

In her article “I Had To Get A Second Parent Adoption And There’s A Ridiculous Reason Why” Lora Leigel describes her marriage to her female partner, and their decision to have a child using a sperm donor. Because she was not biologically related to the baby, Leigel had to sign paperwork to adopt the child as a “second parent.”  Leigel presents herself as the sole victim of her family arrangement. She focuses entirely on her own desires and discomfort — detailing the cruelty, the cruelty, of the “cold stethoscope” during a routine physical and how she once had to endure the metal detectors and “hard wooden benches” of a courtroom. Not one sentence in her article acknowledges the fact that she participated in intentionally depriving this boy of his father … for life.  Read more:  http://thefederalist.com/2018/08/24/a-gay-parents-complaint-about-adoption-illustrates-a-dangerous-mindset/