Christians Deceived by the LGBTQ Movement

The aggressively tyrannical LGBTQ movement is steamrolling across our country, flattening anyone who has ever expressed anything other than enthusiastic approval of redefining marriage.  The Benham brothers, who build homes for needy families, were scheduled to launch a show on Home & Garden television.  LGBTQ activists dug into the annals of the Benham brothers’ past to discover that they once spoke out in favor of marriage.  This caused HGTV to cancel the Benham brothers’ TV show.  Notice how punishing the Benham brothers trumped providing homes for needy families.  This is why it is repulsive hearing fake news media furthering the lie that leftists have superior compassion for minorities and the poor.  Most disturbing is how we have allowed LGBTQ activists to totally hijack public education, placing LGBTQ lessons above reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Read more: