Cdl. Wuerl Censured Priest Who Denied Lesbian Communion, but Let Predatory Clergy Remain Active

As Bishop of Pittsburgh, Donald Wuerl allowed pedophile priests to continue in active ministry, according to an explosive grand jury report released by the Pennsylvania Attorney General.  One-third of the priests named as accused of sex abuse in the report came from the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  As Archbishop of Washington, though, now-Cardinal Wuerl did not afford the same mercy to a priest who upheld the Catholic faith and suffered a media firestorm for it.  In a much-publicized 2012 case, Father Marcel Guarnizo discreetly refused to give Holy Communion to an active lesbian at her mother’s funeral.  Fr. Guarnizo was promptly raked over the coals and the Archdiocese of Washington censured him, revoking his permission to operate as a priest in Wuerl’s ecclesial territory.

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