Iranian Woman Tears Off Her Hijab after Muslim Cleric Tells Her to Fix it or He’ll Have Her Arrested

Provocative footage has emerged of the moment a Muslim woman challenges a cleric who ordered her to fix her hijab on a public street in Iran.  The man can be seen telling the woman to ‘fix your hijab or I’ll get you arrested’ when the woman bravely rips the veil off her head in anger and walks away.  The Facebook group My Stealthy Freedom, which uploaded the video on Friday, described the cleric’s behavior as ‘humiliating and arrogant’.  ‘This is the wrong culture that has been telling women for forty years now. Those who want to conquer women always betray the concept of struggle and freedom,’ the caption reads.  Iranian law for the last four decades has dictated that women must cover their heads in public, with failure to do so a jailable offence.

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