Transgendered Dem Nominee for Vermont Governor is An Anti-Christian Bigot

“And we worry about sharia law!!” Christine Hallquist tweeted last summer, with a link to an article from “LGBTQ Nation” about a girl who was disqualified from a soccer team because she looked like a boy.  “Radicalized Christians are a part of the American landscape, and we tolerate it.”  There are other tweets that show Hallquist’s disdain for Christians.  In January of this year she [sic] tweeted, “Some of these Christian evangelist’s [sic] are just downright crazy!”  (Note that punctuation error, too.)  She [sic] was referring to Christian satire site Babylon Bee’s joking about Christian evangelist Jim Bakker.  Several other tweets seemed to show a decided antipathy toward people of faith, including an assertion that people who allow children to be harassed for being gay probably “call themselves Christians.”

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