More and More Muslims Receiving Dreams from God

The stories about Muslims coming to Christ and that God is using dreams and visions to prepare them all seem to be second- and third-hand, and it is difficult for many to know if the accounts are true or not.  Ben and Jenny — missionaries in a Muslim nation – know that the stories are true.  They told American Family Radio’s Today’s Issues that the Scripture, Joel 2:28, is coming true – right before their very eyes. “We seek to share the Gospel three to five times on a weekly basis, and most of those times are people [who] have never heard the Gospel,” Ben explained. “They’ve heard of Jesus from the Koran, but they have vast misconceptions of who Jesus Christ is.”  In addition, Tom Doyle, in his book, Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?, talks about many similar stories of Muslims being given dreams by God.

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