The Problem with Gay Marriage

I do not like to interfere in other people’s personal lives.  Then and now, however, I believed as a matter of principle that redefining marriage was another kettle entirely.  Marriage has to be defended not only as a binding compact between two people and an expression of religious faith, but as a social institution whose role is twofold: the preservation of cultural life and the procreation of the species.  For these reasons, marriage can be only a contract between a man and woman.  The received institution of marriage, whether regarded as sacrosanct or purely functional, was indispensable to both culture and race and should not be enfeebled or caricatured or rendered moot.  It has to be respected and maintained in order to serve its original purpose.   My former gay friend would have none of it.  He demanded total assent and expected our congratulations regarding his “marriage.”  But as he once wrote me about another matter, “you don’t owe a friend a lie.”  It’s a maxim worth living by.  Read more: