PA Governor Positioning LGBT over Christians

Christians in Pennsylvania are being warned that their current governor is taking a step that could impact them more than any other Pennsylvanians.  Gov. Tom Wolf (D-Pa.) has issued an executive order creating a 40-member Commission on LGBTQ Affairs, which is to look into the state of affairs for people within that group and report any suggestions back to his office.  Diana Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania told OneNewsNow that the commission is a bad idea.  “In Pennsylvania, only 2.7 percent of the population identify themselves as homosexual, transgender, bisexual or lesbian, so we have a governor who’s willing to target 2.7 percent of the population,” Gramley pointed out.  The move would give the group an additional platform to promote their agenda and lobby for legislation to lift their status higher and higher while attempting to normalize it in the minds of others when it currently is not.

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