Lesbians Charge Chaplain for Abiding by His Beliefs

A military chaplain endorsing agency is concerned about the United States Army’s treatment of one of its chaplains who is being punished for his beliefs about marriage.  Chaplain Scott Squires is a Southern Baptist who received an endorsement by the SBC North American Mission Board to become an Army Chaplain.  However, Squires is now being charged with dereliction of duty for following the guidelines of his faith that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.  Phil Wright – Executive Director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty – explained that Squires refused to facilitate a marriage retreat involving two lesbians.  “But he did get another chaplain who could teach with a same-sex couple involved to do the training, but the couple signed up, and then they didn’t show up,” Wright pointed out. “And then on top of that, they filed a complaint after the training was over against chaplain Squires, saying he discriminated against her and her partner because of their same-sex union.”

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