Major Atheist Groups Cut Ties with Famed Skeptic over Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Physicist and skeptic author Lawrence Krauss has been ousted as the director of Arizona State University’s Origins Project over recent allegations of sexual misconduct. Krauss founded Origins Project about a decade ago “to explore humankind’s most fundamental questions about our origins,” but ASU has “decided not to renew my director appointment,” the theoretical physicist wrote on Twitter. Atheist Krauss claims humans are ‘cosmic accidents,’ and that the universe ‘doesn’t give a damn about us’. Multiple women have accused Krauss of sexual harassment over the past several years, and he has been placed on paid leave by the university as it conducts an investigation. The story also accused Krauss of inappropriate comments and behavior from several women. The atheist and well-known scientist asserts, rather improbably, that Hollywood discriminates against non-believers. Read more: