Ear Ticklers and Faith Killers: The Sodomite Problem in the Church

A fairy tale for our time: Bishop Bruskewitz heroically fought the pro-gay bishops’ document Always Our Children written by homosexual priest activist James Schexnayder. It’s an important issue to address – — especially when one finds bishops promoting the very activity, same sex behavior, which so often involves abuse of young men and boys. So common is that abuse that there is a gay lexicon for it. Young men, inexperienced in homosexual activity, are called “chickens” and their predators “chickenhawks.” Cardinal McCarrick was one of the chickenhawks, but he is certainly not the only one. And it would be prudent of the laity to be on guard and watch for the signs that likely identify them: pandering to the homosexual agenda and dissenting from Church teaching. Some of these evil men make no bones about who they are like Fr. James Schexnayder, the attributed author of the horrible USCCB document, Always Our Children, that had to be corrected by the Vatican. Even after correction it is a destructive document that supports the gay agenda.
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