Church at ‘Crisis Moment’ that Demands ‘Serious Pain and Soul Searching’: EWTN panel

The Vatican removed McCarrick from public ministry several weeks ago and then from the College of Cardinals, due to credible reports of decades of predatory sexual behavior toward young seminarians and boys. Substantial sums of money were paid to victims in order to secure their silence. Meanwhile, bishops and cardinals who were former close colleagues of McCarrick have denied all knowledge of his illicit activities, raising questions both about cover ups and a lack of fraternity among our bishops in the United States. “This is very, very troubling because it shows that the secrecy and the power and the wealth of the Catholic Church were being used to basically keep an immoral man in a position of power,” said Fr. Murray. “Having done these things, he should’ve resigned in shame. He should not have stayed in power, and yet after he left [as] the Archbishop of Washington he continued traveling the world as a representative of the Church. Very troubling. Lots of questions need to be answered.”
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