Same-sex ‘marriage’ doesn’t improve LGBT health: Study

This according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, an American think-tank. In their paper, Effects of Access to Legal Same-Sex Marriage on Marriage and Health: Evidence from BRFSS, the researchers say that the legalization of same-sex “marriage” has improved access to healthcare for gays and lesbians. Even with that improved healthcare access, though, those in same-sex “marriages” did not see any sort of bump up in their health, they concluded. Health indicators for lesbians in these legally-recognized “marriages” did not suggest they are any healthier than non-“married” lesbians. Gay men in these “marriages” also showed no improvement in their health. “Turning to health outcomes, we find no relationship between legal access to same-sex marriage and self-rated health, substance use, or preventive care take-up for men in same-sex households,” the authors wrote. The lack of any boost in the health of “married” gays and lesbians comes despite the willingness of many homosexuals to enter into these legally-recognized “marriages” and their greater access to healthcare once they are.
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