The Homosexual Scandal in the Church is Worse Than Anyone Wants to Admit

The news that Cardinal McCarrick has been credibly accused of molesting a young man – and the subsequent revelations that “everybody knew” about the cardinal’s homosexual activities – have raised new and important questions about the silence of other American bishops. What did they know, and when did they know it? How did the cardinal advance through the ecclesiastical ranks, even after complaints had been received in the dioceses where he served? These are not new questions. In fact our sometime contributor Diogenes asked them – and pointed to the obvious answer – in a post that appeared on this site over 13 years ago. His argument was powerful in 2005, and although some of his references will now seem dated, nothing that has happened in the intervening years affects the essential force of that argument. The abuse scandal has already cost the U.S. Church $1 billion, as well as immeasurable spiritual harms, predicated on the grotesquely perverse intuition that personal sexual anarchy can co-exist in a truce with priestly life.
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