Out-of-Town Agitators Furious over Preacher’s Message to Students

Konnor McKay grew up in Waldron, Arkansas, where he played on the high school football team. He entered the ministry and at the age of 21 he became pastor of the Waldron Pentecostal Church of God. So it was not all that unusual when the head coach of the Waldron High School football team invited the young preacher and former team member to deliver a devotional at a summer football camp. But the Freedom from Religion Foundation, based in Wisconsin, was not so complimentary of McKay’s remarks. The Wisconsin-based group of atheists, agnostics and free-thinkers, was enraged by the devotional. They fired off a letter to at least one of the schools in attendance at the football camp – accusing the district of an “unconstitutional endorsement of religion” and subjecting the players to “Christian proselytization.” First Liberty Institute, a law firm that specializes in religious liberty cases, is representing McKay. They tell me their client did not proselytize. He did not hold an altar call on the football field nor did he baptize anyone. It was simply a devotional.
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